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Asymmetrical wings of polished and textured brass create our Monarch Earring.


Our Verano Collection came to life after unearthing an archive of post war filigree and metallic flowers. These intricate & lightweight elements combine with marigold, lapis and olive colored vintage stones to create a moody bouquet of statement earrings, plucked from the dressing room of Casa Azul.zul.


* 100% Recycled Brass * Sterling Silver Post Handmade in NYC
Made in United States

Monarch Earrings by Castlecliff

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    Once an iconic NYC jewelry house of the 20th century, CASTLECLIFF has been reinvigorated into a sustainable luxury brand for the modern woman. In homage of New York City’s jewelry heritage, remnants of a wasteful industry have become the building blocks of CASTLECLIFF’s modern accessories; Every CASTLECLIFF piece is handmade in NYC of 100% recycled brass, vintage glass stones and upcycled components. Drawing on ancient artifacts, eclectic 1970’s silhouettes and the brand’s unique history of bold & colorful costume jewelry, CASTLECLIFF newest pieces are handcrafted heirlooms to last a lifetime.

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